A Note From Allison:

About Allison

Allison Cain


Allison is an author and Christian speaker at many women's events. She shares what gets in the way of hearing God's whisper, relevant and doable ways to incorporate God into all we think, do and say and challenges women to get above the noise to be a disciple for Christ.

Years ago, I started writing down all the amazing ways God used my day-to-day activities, children, family and nature to teach me. The more I wrote, the more I noticed our extraordinary God in my every day ordinary life. It became an exercise of the heart and grew my relationship with Christ in a way I had never experienced.  He was no longer a friend of a friend, but my personal friend. I began to hear God whisper His desires and lessons for me. Now, my goal is to encourage women to stop and listen for His whisper in their lives.